My Reading Room (Christmas Edition)

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Yes, I know it’s already mid-January 2023, but I NEED to share some photos of my reading room in all its Christmas glory! As soon as I got my reading room set up, I couldn’t wait for the holidays to arrive. I knew I wanted a big tree with bold decorations and some shelf knick knacks. And I found some great pieces at the decor store and loved how my Christmas decorating turned out. Here are some photos:

Obsessed, right?! Isn’t it gorgeous!! I never thought I’d be a gold, glitter tree person, but here we are. I purchased the Christmas tree and decorations from At Home. They don’t have any links or stock available for the exact items I purchased (bummer, I know), but I was able to find similar items from other stores. I’ve provided links to similar items below!

Recommendations for Decorations

There are few things I want to emphasize when you pick out Christmas decorations. Most importantly, pick what you love! It doesn’t matter what others think, as long as you love the look you’ve curated. Also, as a mom of two toddlers, shatter-proof ornaments were ESSENTIAL! Throughout the holidays, my tree decorations were dropped, thrown, and even rolled across the floor (yes, I am 100% serious). And none of them broke. Similarly, make sure to grab the plastic ornament hangers; they aren’t as pretty, but they keep your (and your kids) hands safe.

Shop My Christmas Decor

How do you decorate for the holidays? Let me know in the comments!

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