My Four Favorite Book Accessories

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Everyone knows I love books (that’s why I’m here writing this blog and you’re here reading it), but there are also a few book accessories I cannot live without. For most of these, I was definitely influenced by my bookstagram friends – you know who you are. For this article, I’m going to share some of my must-have book accessories for your growing book collection!

1. Book Cart

Are you surprised? Probably not. I think book carts are one of the most popular book accessories seen online, but it’s for good reason. They are WONDERFUL. Seriously. Do you know how many books you can fit in a book cart?! A lot.

I have two book carts, and they are the only reason I don’t have random piles of books sitting around my house (and driving my husband crazy). You can get book carts from almost any large store like Amazon, Target, Walmart, or HomeGoods. And they come in so many colors, which is obviously the best part! Okay, maybe tied for the best part, because I also love decorating my book carts with stickers. As you can tell from the picture, my blue book cart is covered in really gorgeous yellow stickers from Etsy, and my black book cart is covered in Bluey stickers (can we take a moment to appreciate how incredible a show Bluey is?! Maybe I should’ve created a Bluey blog, not a book blog).

You can find both of these book carts on Amazon!

Thank you to publishers for the gifted copies of books shown in the photos above.


Several watercolor bookmarks on an open book

I feel like this is a controversial topic in the book world (only half kidding?). You either love bookmarks or use crumpled receipts to mark your pages. And no, I will not be acknowledging the “dog ear” method of marking pages. You do what you want, but I don’t need that negativity on my blog (again, only half kidding?).

I used to be the person who ripped up a receipt or a piece of junk mail and used it as a placeholder for my book, but I was converted. Over the past few years, I’ve met so many wonderful bookstagram friends who are incredibly talented at making bookmarks. And they are GORGEOUS! One of my bookstagram friends, @maddies.reads, has a bookmark shop on Etsy, and I’m obsessed with her bookmarks. I own at least 10 (and this time I’m not kidding). I love the different patterns, especially the watercolor options (see photo). She even made me one with my Instagram handle on it!!!!! Like I said, the best.

You can shop Maddie’s bookmarks on her Etsy page. Also, give her a follow on Instagram – you won’t be disappointed!!

3. PopSocket


If you have an Amazon Kindle or other e-reader, then I HIGHLY recommend getting a “PopSocket” or other similar device. This tiny little thing has made my e-reading experience so much better. I mean, I love my Kindle. But it got really frustrating trying to find a way to hold it without dropping it or constantly having to set it down to transition to the next page. After I purchased the PopSocket and stuck it to the back of my Kindle, it’s been SO much easier to hold and carry. And I know there are others who agree with me – this is becoming a really popular use of PopSockets, so don’t hesitate and try it out! You can thank me later.

4. Book Light

Energizer book light

I don’t know how I functioned as a reader without a book light for so long. It’s life changing (at least, in the book lover world). I can just clip the light onto my book and read in bed while my husband or kids are asleep next to me. Again, it’s life changing for us readers! And I love that there are so many different book light options out there. I went with the Energizer version (sold on Amazon and probably most other stores).

What are your must-have book accessories? Let me know in the comments!

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